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Missoni Fashion Show 2021

Look Right Through Me: from the blue soft lights of the bowling alley and the metropolitan outdoor spaces to the intimacy of\rdifferent domestic situations and the glamorous appeal of a mysterious club, the camera captures the life\rof independent women showing a strong, distinctive look. They are part of a group embodying the spirit of\ra generation who cherish a desire for lightheartedness and social relations.\rThe contrast between the first scene, infused with a certain sense of loneliness, and the final one, choral\rand joyful, becomes the metaphor of what we have experienced and we are still experiencing, but that we\rwill be able to leave behind with the only antidote we have: looking ahead, running towards the future and\rbeing happy with what life can still give us.

Soundtrack: “Mad World” (Roland Orzabal)
Cover by Underwaters (Nathalie Cahuzac aka Josee Laika and Jorge Viñals aka VISE)
©️ Roland Orzabal Ltd. / BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd
Edizioni per l’Italia: BMG Rights Management (Italy) srl

Let's Sway - Missoni Winter

Missoni and the exchange of intense glances with a stranger can cause wild dancing dreams. Start now.

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Missoni Luxury Affair

The glamorous nights ain't over as long as #Missoni is all over you.

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